Ingenieur- und Fertigungszentrum

Process Control

It is our goal to offer integrated solutions along the entire process chain and to relieve our customers of administrative tasks. Our services encompass a customer-oriented project management and the management and control of certain process steps.

Our services include amongst others:

  • Coordination with third-party development partners and other suppliers (e.g. casting suppliers, honing services)
  • Process planning and control as well as ongoing monitoring of overall project schedule and timeline
  • Flexible implementation of short notice engineering modifications
  • Smooth integration and control of down-stream processes (e.g. residual contamination analysis)
  • Long-standing network of trusted suppliers

Delivering the highest quality in a short period of time is our core competence. This is facilitated by our culture of continuous improvement, open communication and our absolute focus on the needs of the client.


Process Control