Ingenieur- und Fertigungszentrum

High Precision Machining

For more than five decades, our core competence has been the delivery of complex precision machined components. Understanding and embracing the needs of our customers, we have designed our production facilities to deliver the highest quality, precision and process reliability. Highly skilled, motivated employees and state-of-the-art machining centers enable us to deliver the most accurate solutions to our clients.

Key elements of our production facilities are:

  • Air-conditioning in the production area
  • High precision CNC machining centers
  • State-of-the-art 5-axis technology
  • Automated pallet changing systems
  • Temperature control of cooling lubricants
  • Temperature control of machining centers
  • Comprehensive use of CAD/CAM
  • Wide range of innovative precision tools
  • Integrated tool breakage control
  • Zero point clamping systems
  • Computerized 3D Measuring
  • Skilled assembly team
  • Deburring and high-pressure cleaning of components
  • Large inventory of tools with over 7,500 different tools

Compressing lead and delivery time is a key success factor for our customers. This is why we design and manufacture our jigs and fixtures in-house. This allows us to serve our customers quicker and respond to changing needs in the most flexible way.

Furthermore, our services encompass the assembly of individual components into finished products, deburring and high-pressure cleaning of components and performing various tests (e.g. leak and pressure tests).


High Precision Machining